International and Russian observers made an arrangement on general principles
International observers, representatives from the United council of observers, members of Association NGO for the protection of the electoral rights “Civil Control” and Russian public institute of electoral right signed a joint memorandum about independence and impartial monitoring of the Russian President’s elections. Signing took place March 2, within the first day of International information center in Chamber of Commerce of the RF
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International support: the united council of observers is founded in Moscow
The united council of observers is organized in the capital of Russia. The pact of cooperation between international observers and association for the protection of electoral rights “Civil control” was signed on December 3.
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Easy to observe together
"Foreign experts and russian public figures created Observers joint council for parliamentary elections", the member of Public chamber and executive director of association NCO "Civil control" G.Fedorov said after a briefing in the International information center on the third of December.
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