Easy to observe together
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Easy to observe together
"Foreign experts and russian public figures created Observers joint council for parliamentary elections", the member of Public chamber and executive director of association NCO "Civil control" G.Fedorov said after a briefing in the International information center on the third of December.

"First of all, the structure is necessary for coordination of actions of the international experts. We made it our mission to develop common standards and general technique which our experts will test in regions. Experts have to keep in contact and exchange the current information regularly", Fedorov explained.

All participants of the Council have to sign the Declaration on public monitoring which was prepared by experts of the Russian public institute for election law. The document purpose according to Fedorov is "to fix the general ethical work techniques of foreign and Russian experts, and also to minimize political component in activity of legal experts". According to the executive director of association NCO "Civil control", observers have developed the general questionnaire which will use for the description of electoral procedures in regions.

The member of Public chamber informed that experts from France, Poland, Belgium, Hungary, Estonia, Czechia, the USA, Lithuania, Italy, Israel, Great Britain, and Finland arrived to Russia owing to activity of association "Civil control". Deputies of European Parliament, deputies of national and local legislative assemblies, political scientists and journalists are among public observers.

During the briefing in the International information center Patrick Duglas Gamilton (Chamber of Lords, Great Britain), Giulietto Chiesa (the journalist, Italy), Bela Kovacs (the deputy of European Parliament, Hungary), Mateusz Piskorski (the President of the European center for the geopolitical analysis) were included in the Council.

The member of Public chamber of the Russian Federations, the executive director of association NCO "Civil control" G. Fedorov and the chairman of the council of the Russian public institute for election law I.Borisov represent Russia in the Council.

"There is no chiefs and subordinates in Council. All decisions will be accepted in working order, jointly ", Fedorov underlined.

He said that the Council is opened for cooperation with any representatives of expert community.

The Press-service of Public chamber
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