Mateusz Piskorski (Poland): we haven’t recorded serious violations yet
Mateusz Piskorski (Poland) made an express-report at 12:00 on December 4th: “At the moment in Moscow we have visited 4 polling stations. We didn’t record serious violations. There was only one confusion about media presence at the station. The electoral commission asked journalists from TV channel TVC to show additional documents that weren’t provided by law. Direct participation of observers from association “Civil Control” settled the situation. Media workers were allowed to go there.”
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Mateusz Piskorski (Poland): The country can determine its electoral policy itself
Mateusz Piskorski (Poland): “Russia is one of the few countries that have independent institute of public observation. In most countries of the EC law doesn’t provide this. It would be appropriate to amend the relevant documents. Generally, I am concerned that every country can determine their own electoral system. It is a part of the political traditions of the country.”
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