Johan Backman, political scientist, human rights defender (Finland): in Obninsk qwe have not received complaints
International observer from Finland, political scientist Johan Backman told about intermediate results of the trip to Obninsk: -My colleagues and I visited the precinct electoral commissions number 585, 586 in Obninsk and number 240, 200, 228 in Kaluga. What is nice, overall we have been supported by young activists, representatives of the Russian Union of Youth. No violations were noticed. All carried out calmly, on the provision. We talked to all observers, though we didn’t see the press on the sites (pout of the election commissions we are called a lot). We haven’t noticed any failures in webcam’s work, as we haven’t received complaints about videofixation’s work from voters.
4-03-2012, 18:23    /    
Fabrise Beaur (France): voting in Khabarovsk passes in quite mode
French journalist, a member of international mission of observers Fabrise Beaur will oversee the voting process in Khabarovsk region and Jewish Autonomous region. At this hour he managed to visit Khabarovsk’s Precinct Electoral Commissions №185, 159, 160, 57, 350 and shares his observations:
4-03-2012, 09:43    /    
Musolino Alessandro (Italy): the democratization process in Russia is going peacefully, though some say the opposite
As part of the International Information Center of the observer from Italy shared his opinion about democracy and elections in Russia: -I am a witness that the process of democratization of Russia is going a peaceful way, though a number of western media regularly say opposite. For my part, I’m going to observe because I did not come here with advance harvested estimates. The only thing I can wish today, in the day of silence: good luck to all of us and you.
4-03-2012, 09:22    /    
Sinka Alexandros (Cyprus): cameras will help the campaign to be fair
International observer from Cyprus Alexandros Sinka shared his first impressions from the process of elections in Russia: -Today we have seen how the system of cameras at sites works. It is one thing to read about this in the press, completely different to see it with your own eyes. I think that the main part in elections is transparency.
3-03-2012, 13:20    /    
Elisabetta Gardini (Italy): very impressed with the work of election commissions and volunteers
During the briefing, March 2, expert from the observers mission from Italy Elisabetta Gardini shared her plans for a single day of voting: -I am not the first time in Russia, previously been as an observer in elections in Perm and Ekaterinburg. I can say that I am impressed with the work of election commissions, the introduction of technical innovations at sites. I am impressed by the number of people employed in elections, volunteers ready to help.
3-03-2012, 12:29    /    
Jim Harris (USA): it is important for us to remain impartial
International observer from America Jim Harris told about the importance of different points of view and impartiality: -Russia is not limited by the capitals, as America does. It is important to travel to the regions and observe the elections there. Today I’m going to Chelyabinsk. As observers, we were prepared in advance. We are expecting to see in the local election commissions the same eager attitude which I saw in Moscow.
3-03-2012, 12:23    /    
International and Russian observers made an arrangement on general principles
International observers, representatives from the United council of observers, members of Association NGO for the protection of the electoral rights “Civil Control” and Russian public institute of electoral right signed a joint memorandum about independence and impartial monitoring of the Russian President’s elections. Signing took place March 2, within the first day of International information center in Chamber of Commerce of the RF
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The statement by group of independent international observers on elections of deputies of the State Duma of the sixth convocation on December, 4th, 2011
The group of the independent international observers accredited by the Central election committee of the Russian Federation at the suggestion of the russian non-governmental organizations, consisting of 51 observers, carried out monitoring of voting and vote count of electors on elections of deputies of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation of the sixth convocation.
6-12-2011, 13:38    /    
Bela Covacs (Hungary): there are some non-critical comments
At 12:30 international observer Bela Covacs(Hungary) said to the portal “Civil Control” from the region: “At the moment we are in the 6-th station of Krasnodar. There haven’t been seen any critical violations yet. Although, there are some comments. Particularly, it was said that in one product shop employer doesn’t let his workers go to vote. Observers from the association “CC” talked to the shop’s administration, which promised to provide an opportunity for their workers to vote.
4-12-2011, 14:50    /    
John Naemi Amiral (USA): “In America agitation is allowed in the election’s day.”
International observer John Naemi Amiral (USA) said in the International information center in the Chamber of Commerce: “In America in the first days of November there are always elections. Someone of the government agencies are elected every year. Vote in the residence, but not the same way as in Russia. If you live in some district, it doesn’t mean that your name would be in the list. You have to register oneself first. However, if you already did this, in the following years your name will be in that register.
4-12-2011, 10:14    /